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If you have ever deleted important photos by mistake and then emptied the recycle bin, or you have lost photos due to a system failure or a faulty hard disk, photo recovery software is the answer to your problems. Easy Photo Recovery is a solution that gives your videos and photos the highest chances of recovery. Regardless of what sort of media you need to recover the file from, Easy Photo Recovery provides the answer. It is very common for photos and videos to get accidentally deleted from flash media for example, but with this solution, you should be able to recover them.

This photo recovery software is designed to give you the highest chance of recovering deleted files from any type of media. This even includes support for media which is built into devices such as digital cameras. It also supports computer hard drives, flash memory on cards or USB sticks and even memory on mobile phones. Easy Photo Recovery also gives you the highest possible chance of getting photos and videos back from damaged media or media which has been formatted.

People often lose hope once a file has been deleted from a flash drive for example, however, there is rarely any reason to worry. When a file is deleted, no data is actually removed from the media. The file system simply marks the disk space previously occupied by that file as free space. However, it does mean that any other file or program can overwrite this space at any time. Fortunately, if the contents of the disk has not been modified much before you attempt recovery, you should have a very high chance of getting back what you’ve lost. In some cases, you can even recover the deleted files months or sometimes years after it has been deleted. Your chances of succeeding are higher the less the data on the media has been modified.

Easy Photo Recovery is also easy to use, unlike many other data recovery solutions. It prides itself on its intuitive interface and easy step-by-step recovery process, not requiring any special knowledge to get the most out of it. Using the program is an enjoyable and rewarding experience as you are provided with an interface that guides you through the process of recovering your lost photos or videos. This process only takes a few steps and is extremely easy to work through. Within minutes of starting the program up, you can get back the files you lost.

There are no other methods to recover photos and videos that you have lost without getting additional third party software. Easy Photo Recovery provides you with the solution that you need at a very modest price. Whether you are a complete amateur computer user or a digital photo professional. To accommodate professional uses, the software even supports the RAW format used by professional digital photography. The software also supports two different search modes including a file system scan or a thorough sector-by-sector search if required.

To learn more about Easy Photo Recovery, visit


Press Release

For Immediate Release

Retrieving Files from Damaged Media Made Easy

Essentia Data Tools announces the release of AnyReader, a Windows tool to retrieve data from damaged, unreadable, and inaccessible media. Supporting a variety of media types such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, flash memory, floppy and hard disk media, AnyReader is irreplaceable when it comes to reading data from scratched CDs and DVDs or defective floppies and hard disks, and is handy when transferring massive amounts of information from one PC onto another.

About AnyReader

Scratched optical disks are a hassle in Windows. Attempting to read a damaged CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disk can easily lock up a computer for a while without any guarantee of reading data successfully. Typical error messages may read "(Bad CRC)”, “A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) checksum error occurred", "Cannot read from the source file or disk", “Unknown error” or “Bad disk”.

AnyReader makes it possible to read unreadable files, retrieve data from physically damaged media, and recover information from inaccessible floppies and hard drives. Even copying massive amounts of information from one hard drive to another gets more reliable with AnyReader thanks to its built-in data integrity control methods.

Unique to AnyReader is the ability to recover a file by supplying two partially damaged or partially unreadable copies of the file. Thanks to the simple, step-by-step wizard-based user interface, AnyReader can be used by new and advanced computer users without any sort of a learning curve involved.

In addition to scratched CD/DVD, CD data recovery, DVD data recovery and high definition media (Blu-ray, HD-DVD), AnyReader is also handy when one needs to transfer large amounts of information over unreliable local networks, e.g. Wi-Fi networks with poor reception. Instead of risking an aborted file transfer, transferring files with AnyReader helps copy large amounts of data in a reliable way. No matter how many wireless packets are dropped, AnyReader will make as many re-transmission attempts as needed to correctly pass files from one computer to another.

Available for only $29.95, AnyReader is compatible with all modern versions of Windows from Windows XP and up to the latest Windows 7. The data recovery tool supports a variety of file systems, including all current revisions of CDFS, FAT, and NTFS. The available free demo version enables customers to recover up to 700 MB of data at no charge.

About Essentia Data Tools

Since 1996, Essentia Data Tools offers data recovery tools to customers worldwide. Combining sophisticated media access and data correction algorithms with simple, highly usable graphic interfaces, the company strives to deliver the latest data recovery technologies to the general public.

Evaluation version of AnyReader can be downloaded at:


Unexpectedly lost or damaged data files can pose a substantial problem for computer users. Much of the data stored on computers or in computer-related media is irreplaceable. Companies have reports, files, contact lists or other business-related information they cannot afford to lose. Individuals keep thousands of music files, photos, videos, messages and documents that they deem extremely valuable. Losing these files or having them damaged may seem like a disaster, but it doesn't have to be.

Essential Data Tools is a software program packed with features that can be used to prevent or fix the kind of problems described above. The program includes a data backup utility so that extra copies of these irreplaceable files can be stored safely, just in case. Data Recovery and Repair tools are also included. The Recovery tool allows users to retrieve lost files from hard drives, as well as from PDAs, MP3 players or digital cameras. Data Repair can fix corrupted files from broken downloads and other problems. With the Media Reading utility, Essential Data Tools can provide access to information stored on damaged CDs/DVDs or faulty floppy disks and can even pick up an interrupted download over a Wi-Fi network.

Additionally, the program improves overall computer performance with Duplicates Removal which finds and deals with extra copies of files on a user's system to free up more space. Data Wipe fully removes any remaining traces of deleted files and can obliterate entire partitions to ensure the user's privacy is protected.

About Object Rescue
The company has been creating data backup and recovery software since its formation in 1996. In recent years, Object Rescue has focused its software development efforts on data recovery from modern storage devices, such as flash cards. The company’s other well-known products, besides Essential Data Tools, include the xRescue Pro line of data recovery software.

2009-03-26 editors have called AnyReader the best program in its class, with the most potential to beat the competition. Quote: "AnyReader will become a valuable asset in your software collection and may become a real life-saver in the most desperate situations." Click here to read the full review in English on the website.

3D2F.COM is one of the biggest software directory on the internet with new releases, tests and reviews every day.


Duplicate File Remover has been thoroughly reviewed by editors of the internet portal The article takes an in-depth look at the program's features and peculiarities and assigns it an overall rating of "Good". The reviewer notes, in particular, that "Duplicate File Remover was able to find a lot of duplicate files that I did not know of, and all that in a short period of time, finding them in well hidden locations and doing a great job in removing/deleting them". You can read the full report in English on the Softpedia website.

Softpedia is one of the largest libraries of freeware/shareware on the internet with new versions, tests and reviews every day.

2007-02-07, Russia

"GrandBackup Personal Edition v. 1.1 Review"

The high-profile Russian IT-oriented Internet outfit has published Part 3 of their review of data backup software featuring, among others, one of our products – GrandBackup Personal. The author notes the program's uncluttered interface and ease of use and describes some of its handy features. You can read the full article in Russian here: (, founded in 1997, is widely regarded as Russia's most popular computer-related information resource.


PC Magazine Russian Edition, Russia

"File Revival"

The Russian edition of the influential "PC Magazine" has published a review of data recovery software. The author looks at 20 different utilities, 7 of which happen to be the products of our company.


3D News, Russia

"Programs for working with HDD. Part 5"

The Russian hi-tech internet magazine 3D News has published a review of data recovery programs for Microsoft ® Windows ®. The author writes the following about our recovery software: "The pros: wizard-driven interface makes it easy to recover your files with just a few mouse clicks...the main benefit is that Digital ObjectRescue Professional supports recovery of all known image file formats... Cons: None...". (In Russian).


C'T, Germany

"C'T Special on Digital Photography reviews VideoRescue Pro v. 1.1"

C'T, a popular German computer magazine, has reviewed VideoRescue Pro. The magazine editor has acclaimed the friendly user interface and powerful recovery functionality for any type of video files. (In German).


New York Institute of Photography, USA

"And the winner of the Myth Digital Media Card Pageant is..."

The popular American specialist magazine "NY Institute of Photography" has a special report about flash cards which includes a write-up on Digital PhotoRescue Professional. It features our product among the top rated data recovery software titles. "You now know how to take care of your flash media cards, what to do if your cards become corrupted and which software to use to fix problems".


GRAFIKA on-line, Czechia

"Digital ObjectRescue Professional v. 1.5 Review"

'GRAFIKA on-line' is a popular Czechian graphics portal. Our product Digital ObjectRescue Professional has received a detailed and very positive review. (In Czech)


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