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Founded in 1996, Essential Data Tools (formerly known as Object Rescue) is a steadily growing software development company. We specialize in data backup, file recovery, CRC-impaired media reading, secure deletion technologies, software for finding and processing duplicate files. The company's catalog features such top sellers as ObjectRescue Pro, AnyReader, FileRescue Professional and PhotoRescue Pro. Also on offer is our all-in-one solution to digital data related problems -- Essential Data Tools, a complete set of high-octane utilities in one package. Our main effort goes into research and development in the field of data restoration from damaged hard disks and other modern storage media, including micro devices such as flash cards, USB disks, etc., resulting in an extensive range of programs for recovering accidentally deleted or otherwise lost files.

In addition to product development, we constantly provide free technical support and unlimited customer service for registered users of our products.

This R&D team's workplace is at the company premises in Russia's westernmost city of Kaliningrad, 30 km from the Baltic shoreline; we currently employ 10 high-class specialists. These include speakers of both English and Russian, so communicating in any of the two languages is never a problem for our customers.

Our customer base includes corporate computer professionals, first-time users and everything in between. You can meet some of our satisfied clients by following this link. Our software solutions provide our clients, big and small, with a rock-solid technological foundation for data management the way they like it.

We hope you will like it too.

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