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Want real value for money? Make use of our volume discounts by ordering multiple licenses. The following form can be used to calculate the price.

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Our products are licensed on a per computer basis, not per network, per site or per company (please read on for one notable exception).

If you have any questions about our volume discounts or are interested in an unlimited (site) license, please feel free to contact Sales.

Note for Resellers

Volume licensing as described above applies to purchases made through resellers and cannot be modified. For example, if you have 2 orders for 100 copies each, you must not convert them into 1 order for 200 copies, even if they are for the same product.

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Volume savings

Here is an example. You need 50 user licenses for a product (e.g. GrandBackup Business Edition). The volume-discounted price for one copy will be $19.95, which amounts to $997.50 (50 times $19.95). Had you ordered the same at the standard price, you would have paid $2497.50 (50 times $49.95). This is a neat saving of $1500.00, or over 60%!