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Rejuvenation course completed for our well-known xRescue Pro range of products!

Posted 2008-03-06 by Konstantin Romanovsky

Following a prolonged period of trials and beta-testing, a brand new algorithm of data detection and recovery has now been implemented.

The whole range of xRescue Pro software - MediaRescue, PhotoRescue, ObjectRescue and DocumentsRescue - has now been revamped taking into account the latest trends in technology such as ever increasing capacity of storage media, the proliferation of professional digital equipment among amateur photographers, much greater amounts of data stored on home and office PCs, as well as other important factors. The new algorithm has made it possible to further accelerate scanning of storage devices and data analysis. In particular, processing of professional digital cameras' RAW formats has been significantly improved. The newly introduced "Try to open" feature allows every detected file to be opened directly from within the program for its contents to be examined – the file is actually recovered to a temporary folder and then opened, all of this completely transparent to the user.

The new versions 5.0 are now also capable of saving and processing disk images of storage media enabling deferred analysis and recovery of data, the devices in question being available for reuse. In some cases, when you have difficulty recovering your files, you may even be able to send us such an image for some real hands-on assistance. The programs' user interface has only slightly changed, their trademark ease of use not in the least affected.

The new generation of xRescue Pro is already available for download on our website! You will find more information about particular products on their dedicated web pages.

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