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Dear customers and guests, we invite you to the brand new Object Rescue website!

Posted 2008-02-01 by Konstantin Romanovsky

Have a look at the new layout that we have been working on these last three months.

We have thoroughly revised the content and made some structural changes:

Just spare a few minutes to browse the site and note the new look and content as well as better navigation. Similarly to the user interface of our software, the information that you seek is only a couple of clicks away. Nothing inessential, just the necessary up-to-date information about our products and initiatives. Whatever you feel like doing – reading the news, browsing our entire line of software solutions, subscribing to our newsletters or RSS feeds – you will be able to do it with ease.

We hope you will agree that we now have a more informative website which is pleasant to surf. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this, welcome to our feedback page!


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